#Intro & overview

The Workspace allows you to control every conversational process, including project settings, role based access and versioning.

Watch the 2 minutes video run-through of the Workspace.

Users & Permissions

The Spixii CPA Platform is designed to enhance collaboration whilst keeping highest security standards.

To make this possible, the CPA platform is based on a fine-grained access control (FGAC) framework to guarantee security at a granular data level. Each data item has its own access control policy with fully customisable access to it.

Such a strategy empowers insurers to control and set different data access for their employees or third party companies according to their function and their level of responsibility. More details on how Spixii is ensuring data compliance available here.

The CPA platform has three types of users: Viewer, Editor and Administrator.

Viewer The most restricted role with limited access to the platform. It has permissions for read-only actions that do not affect state, such as viewing (but not modifying) existing resources or data and making comments on the conversational processes.

Editor This role features all Viewer permissions, plus permissions for actions that modify state, such as creating and changing conversational processes in the Build module or creating or modifying chatbot templates available in the Display module.

Administrator The user with complete control over the platform, which means all Editor permissions plus ability to manage projects and platform users.

For each of the above users, permissions over specific actions can be defined and customised at a granular level with 3 different types of access control:

  1. Not visible, to hide information and resources for selected user
  2. Visible only, to limit editing capabilities
  3. Actionable, to unlock editing capabilities