#Intro & overview

Overview of the Build module

A 2 minutes walk-through of the Build module.

Understanding oriented graphs

Spixii Conversation Builder module is based on the oriented graph paradigm. Watch the short video below to understand the conversation representation logic of the Spixii CPA platform.

How to create a simple conversation

When opening a new project, the board contains one empty node only. To start creating a conversation, click on Add and type the opening message you want the chatbot to display.

In the graph logic, the user interaction is represented by the edge. To create an edge drag the cursor from the node and drop anywhere on the board and the edge control panel will open. From here, select the desired type of user interaction.

To make an example, you can have two outcoming edges from the first node, a Yes and a No button.

Also, as you see from the images below, you can display more than one chatbot message per node. In order to do that, just click on the New message button in the node control panel and enter the message you want the chatbot to display after the first.

How to test a conversation

If you want to see how the conversation looks in the chatbot, click the Test chatbot button at the top-right of the menu toolbar. This will open a sidebar with a chatbot that executes the conversation you just created on the board.

How to display node IDs

Node IDs are a quite simple yet helpful way to reference a particular node in the conversational flow. In order to view them, just click on the eye icon located in the menu controls toolbar at the left of the main board.

The letter Q is associated with Normal Nodes (e.g. Q1, Q2, Q3…) and the letter F is associated with Functional Nodes have a F (e.g. F1, F2, F3…).