#Spixii CPA overview

Spixii Conversational Process Automation (CPA) platform augments processes into secure, digital and automated conversations with low-code configuration interface and integrations to other systems.

The CPA platform has the 4 following core modules:

  1. Conversation Builder, to easily create personal and engaging chatbot conversations in a few clicks through a flexible and intuitive low-code interface

  2. Function Manager , to Assign logic to your chatbot and connect it with your system leveraging Spixii smart functions or creating your own directly from the platform

  3. Intelligent Chatbots , to offer a unique experience by customising the look and feel of your chatbot and aligning it with your brand guidelines

  4. Insights Hub , to get data-driven insights over your chatbot performance and acquire customer knowledge through behavioural analysis

⬇️ Workspace overview:

⬇️ Conversation Builder overview:

⬇️ Intelligent Chatbots overview:

⬇️ Insights Hub overview: