#Quick start

A quick start guide to build and a release your first project.


The platform is accessible to the URL links:

Create your account

In case of first access, you should have received an invitation email to activate your account. Activation email By clicking on the Activate my account button you will be prompted to a page where you can set your password and start using the platform.

⚠️ Important note If you didn't received an invitation email, please contact us at info@spixii.com.

Login with username and password

You can login into the platform using username and password. Login landing page If correct, you will be prompted to your Workspace.

In case if you can't remember your password, you can use the option Forgot password?. The platform will send you by email a 24-hours expiring link to your registered email address to reset your password.

Create your first project

Create your first project by clicking on Create project on the top-right of the workspace. Workspace  Create Project

Every project is defined by the following information:

  1. ID, a unique code that identifies the project Whenever you require the Spixii team to help you, please refer to this ID to help them to identify your project.

  2. Name, a textual title of the process You can assign a project name that helps you and your colleagues to identify the process that you are building (for example, Quote&Buy, English, Motor Insurance).
    The project name will be automatically assigned if you create a project from a template: you can always change the project name by clicking on the three vertical dots and choosing the option Rename project.

  3. UAT and Production published branch They represent the version of the project currently available in UAT and in Prod. They may differ when improvements and enhancements are under validation before going live in Production. The link icons allows the CPA user to open in a different page the chatbots in UAT and Production.

  4. The date of the project creation

  5. A list of Actions that can be executed on the project, like connecting the chatbot frontend solution, assign global variables, rename or delete the project and access to the Reporting data dashboard.

Access to your first project

Click on your new project to open the Versioning tab, then select the only available branch, with id 1 to open the Build tab and start with your conversational process.

Open branch 1

Build the conversation

The Build tab is one of the most complex and versatile component of the platform: here you will be able to fully customize all the configuration of your conversational process. More information and details on this module can be found on the Build chapter.

Draft the conversation

Assign some text to a node

Once landed on the Build tab, the first message of the conversation can be easily created by clicking on the Add box in the middle of the screen. Assign text to a node ⚠️ Important note Assign text otherwise the chatbot won't be able to respond.

Assign a variable to a node

It's always recommended to assign a variable to most of the nodes: this semantical association allows the process to refer to the user's answer. The variable can be assigned by clicking on the three dots on the top-right of the node box. Assign variable Create new variable Confirm variable association The variable name can be now referred into the entire process.

Create a user interaction

User's interactions can be easily configurated by dragging and dropping with the cursor from the source node to the white board. Drag&Drop new user interactionThe user interactions are:

Release in Prod and plug on your website

The conversational flow of the process and graphical assets are ready. The solution can now released and integrated with our web site, mobile app or portal. Select < to go back to the Workspace, then use the plug icon Connect chatbot of the process. Connect chatbot The solution can be connected in UAT or in Production.

Connect UAT chatbot

If you want to connect the UAT process, then there is nothing to do but copy-and-paste the fragment of source code provided by the dialog box appearing by clicking Connect UAT chatbot. There are two options of integration: