How to change the copy of a chatbot message

Simple copy changes can be done in seconds. In order to change the copy of a chatbot message, just click on the corresponding conversational node. This will open the node control panel, where the text of the message can be modified, and where messages can even be added or removed.

What are variables

Variables are data values that can change from user to user, for example, their name, or even when the user is asked a question, for example, their age. In other words, a variable is a container for a particular piece of information.

To make an example, let’s consider the variable Name. Within an insurance process we would need to capture some data from the user in order to process his request. Considering a Claims FNOL process, we would need to know the name of the policyholder. Therefore, we are going to set a variable Name to collect the particular input from every policyholder and associate with that variable every other policyholder’s name.

Other example of variables that might be needed for a FNOL include:

All the values associated with variables will be collected in a table as follows.

Name Policy ID Policy ID
John BC12987 07456542133
Paul AD65666 07898863482
Mark ND84677 07348375655

⚠️ Important note

The insurance company is the data collector and personal data owner. Spixii is data processor only. All the information collected through Spixii chatbots is unidentifiable to an individual or entity.

In the Spixii CPA platform, variables are associated with nodes. If for example, we have a node with a message What’s your name?, we can set a variable Name for that node, so that every answer from users (the value) might be associated with that variable.

How to create variables

To create a variable, click on the node label to open the node control panel, and select the item Assign Variable from the menu. Next, create the variable Name. The variable will be displayed both in the node label and in the node control panel, from where it can also be deleted.

The same variable can be reused for other nodes or referenced in a chatbot message. For example, I might want to use the variable Name in the next message to get a more personal message: Nice to meet you {{Name}}.

⚠️ Important note Variables are case sensitive, which means that if a variable is saved as Name, it would need to be always used at such, for example not name.