#Reviewing and Testing

Testing the chatbot end-to-end is the best way to review and approve the conversational process automation project before go-live.

Rapid testing

The UAT chatbot can be accessed for testing directly from the Build module on the top right corner.

Open conversation in testing mode

This view is practical as it sits next to the conversational process which the back bone of the conversation in the chatbot.

Alternatively, the CPA user can focus solely on the chatbot by opening the chatbot in a separate page.

Test the conversational process in a separate page

This page is also accessible from the Workspace as described here.

Real-life testing

If the UAT chatbot is already embedded into the client UAT web application, it's also possible to perform the end-to-end test from there.

It has the advantages of reviewing not only the chatbot, the conversational process but also the look and feel in your web application

Feedback, debugging and iterating

For feedback, debugging and iteration, we suggest activating the chatbot in testing mode as described here.

Activate chatbot in testing mode option

This will allow users who are not familiar with the conversational process to test and report to you their feedback by pinpointing an exact bot message (node) or user answer (edge).

⚠️ Important note

Implementing changes

The implementation of such feedback and changes can be done in the Build module.

Once done, changes can be promoted to UAT, and carry again the test end-to-end. Once happy, promote the project to Production. The release process, both in UAT and in Production is described here.