Edge types overview

In the graph logic, the edge represents the user interaction. The user input triggers the next action of the chatbot. To create an edge, just drag the cursor from the node and drop anywhere on the board. Let’s see the edge type options available from the edge control panel:

  1. No input edge, as the name suggests, makes the chatbot move to the next specified conversational node without any user interaction.

  2. Freetext edge allows the user to enter some text. When selecting this option, the chatbot will display a text input bar. Please note that the user input bar is displayed only when the freetext edge type is selected.

  3. Button edge corresponds to a chatbot button. In a chatbot conversation there are often multiple buttons to pick from, which means that in the graph there can be multiple edges outcoming from the same node.

  4. Dropdown edge will display a dropdown list with multiple options to select from. This module is quite useful when there are more than 10 options to select from like a list of countries.

  5. Calendar edge will display a date picker to allow the user to select a date.

  6. Media edge will allow the user to upload media content such as images, documents or videos.