#Basic functionalities

In the Display module, the interface of the chatbot can be customised to better align with the brand guidelines that often organisation require.


In the CPA platform, chatbot interfaces are managed through themes. A theme is the list of visual properties that shapes the chatbot interface. The theme specifies the colour of any chatbot component, the type of font etc. and is what sets apart your chatbot from any other.

Multiple themes can be created and used in the platform. A single theme can be associated with one or more projects.

Theme settings

Among the customisation options there is:

  1. Avatar, the icon that will appear next to the chatbot messages. This can be your company logo or any other image you might want to display. Both vectorial (.svg) and raster (jpg, png etc.) formats are accepted.

  2. Font, including family (style of a font) and size

  3. Colours, that can be applied to any chatbot component

  4. Background, that can either be a solid colour or an image

⚠️ Important note In order to see changes in the chatbot interface, it is necessary to save the theme (either with simple save, that will override previous settings or with the Save as a NEW theme button option, that will duplicate the theme whilst keeping the original).

How colours work

The Display tab is specifically built to enable brands to offer a superior chatbot interface. The simpler the chatbot interface, the better. The less colours, the simpler the chatbot interface.

With this principle in mind, Spixii CPA platform provides with the Brand colour feature. Through it, all chatbots components are grouped together under the main colour of a organisation. Nevertheless, if you want to change the colour of a particular element, it is possible to remove it from brand colour group and select a different colour for it.